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Arcanoria Revelations
Arcanoria Revelations
new game development project – december 2016

Arcanoria Revelations – The Portal Weavers is our new upcoming game title. Arcanoria Revelations places the Arcanoria medieval fantasy mythos into a 2.5D online/multiplayer ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) format. Players will create and develop characters, gaining experience levels, currency, and gear, in order to progress through the storyline and save Arcanoria from the evil and destructive invaders that have been coming through numerous magical portals that have appeared throughout the land.


  • 2.5D (3D with fixed position & orientation) camera.
  • Point and click (or keypress) player movement.
  • Physics based combat.
  • Online multiplayer, including chat, trading, party play, and more.
  • Randomized/parameterized cave dungeon and outdoor levels generation, offering unique challenges.
  • Character customization and development.
  • Original music score, by electronic artist Walt Collins.
Login panel
Login panel

Custom Backend Services With PostgreSQL Database

Arcanoria Revelations will use our own custom platform for backend services, leveraging the power and reliability of PostgreSQL along with our own custom C# and SQL. These services will include player management and analytics, in-game economy, achievements, virtual goods purchasing, friends lists, leaderboards, in-game chat, teams/partying, tournaments, global events, and much more.

Game Client

The game client for Arcanoria Revelations is created with the Unity 3D game engine, and integrates many different art assets and scripting packages, as well as quite a lot of our own in-house developed code and media. Some of the packages we borrowed from, customized, and/or adapted include:

  • Adam Goodrich – Gaia
  • Protofactor models
  • Photon Bolt
  • Opsive – Behavior Designer
  • Opsive – Third Person Controller
  • echo17 – SimpleSQL
  • Moodkie – Easy Save 2
  • Ilya Novikov – UIWidgets