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Updated Jan 25, 2009

Check our Photo Gallery for screenshots of both our old engine and our new one. More coming soon!

Arcanoria is not ready to be released yet, but we're hard at work developing it! If you'd like to participate as an early tester, please contact us at Here's our latest news update:

December 1, 2012 - Project Resurrected!
Engine Switch to Unity 3D, and New Blog-Based Website

This website has been replaced with a new WordPress based site. As such, many of the links here may be broken, and will not be maintained.

Please head over to the current site using this link: Arcanoria Games website for more details about ongoing developments.

Thanks for sticking with us!

For the full list of project status updates, please take a look at our History blog page.

The Story

The Age of Mortus is over. The Dread Lords held sway over the lands of man for thousands of years, until their defeat at the battle of Vallendahl. The curse of undeath that held the realms in its ancient, vice-like grip for so long is no more. A kingdom has risen, built upon the deeds and honor of the greatest heroes of the Dread War. The forest of Taelendor has awakened once more. Life, once a rare, precious commodity, has returned. It is a new age, one of exploration, peace and prosperity.

But all is not what it seems. Ancient evil is not so easily vanquished. The dark kin of the elves stir in their mountain of power once more. Tribes of norse-folk have set aside their enmities under the banner of a new, cunning Warlord. The forests have seen the passage of a race long thought extinct, and the Kingdom of Illiana is beset by political infighting. Yet worse than all, there are Dread Lords who survived the epic battle and now plot and scheme for their return to power and subjugation of all the free races.

Great deeds await those with courage and mettle. Dead civilizations await those with the fortitude to wrest away their secrets and artifacts. Dark foes await those with the skill and power to end their threat to all.

It is a time for Heroes and Legends. This is Arcanoria.

Game Overview

Arcanoria is a Medieval Fantasy Online Role Playing Game, where solo players or groups can go on quests, craft custom items, join trade guilds, and face deadly challenges using their expertise with sword, bow, magic, stealth, or guile. Arcanoria offers rewarding non-violent quests (in addition to hunting/fighting quests, which are also available). You can advance your character to high levels without ever being required to attack a living being.  Arcanoria proves that RPGs don't have to be violent to be fun and interesting! The game also provides meaningful choices in your character's development, where your in-game actions determine your abilities.  The more you focus on certain skills the better those skills become - at the expense of unrelated skills. The world itself is very large. From cities to castles to murky caves to wind-swept mountaintops to volcanic islands to barren deserts and salt flats, to lush forests... Arcanoria has it all, just waiting for you to discover!

Player Races: Human, Norse, Elf, Dark Elf, Gnome, Lizardfolk
Combat Classes: Warrior, Wanderer, Mind Mage, Lightbringer, Necromancer, Druid, Elementalist
Non-Violent Classes: (list still in development) Fisherman, Cook, Healer, Blacksmith, Archaeologist, Alchemist, Merchant, Farmer, Tailor, Carpenter, Researcher, Trapper

What Is Arcanoria, really?

Actually, Arcanoria is none of those things. It's just a figment of the imagination. We're working hard in order to turn this farfetched fantasy into a Virtual Reality. This project directly involves lots of cool buzzwords including:

  • 3D Graphical Modeling, Skeletal Animation, Physics Simulation, 3D Sound Rendering, Real-time 3D video Rendering
  • 2D Graphics Design (i.e. Photoshop/Illustrator)
  • Client/Server Network Programming, Security & Encryption, Database Programming and Administration
  • Delivery-on-Demand (i.e. downloadable program and data updates)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (using C++), UML Design and Analysis
  • Game System Design (characters, economy, combat, crafting, quests, monsters, spells, etc.)
  • GUI Design and overall UI Design
  • Music and Sound FX Design

Our main game engine is based on several technologies including Ogre 3D as the central rendering engine. Please review our Tech Page for more details on the specific tools we use to create our game.

Miscellaneous Other Information

This project was begun on January 9, 2007. For more information, please review the different pages of this site, or contact us at Also, please check back from time to time as we will continue to update this website to chronicle the unfolding of this ambitious project. This site is updated frequently - usually at least once a week, sometimes multiple times per day - so check back often to learn about the latest updates to Arcanoria!

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